My practice is focused exclusively on family law issues such as divorce, custody, child support and modification and enforcement of court orders.


All cases are handled with discretion and privacy. You are assured that your case is your business and no one else’s.

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I represent you during every phase of your case from initial case assessment, information gathering, through settlement negotiations, mediation, to final trial, and appeal.

About Thomas J. Daley

I am a board-certified family law attorney. My concierge-level of service provides each client with direct access to their attorney to answer questions, respond to disputes, and energetically press each client's case forward. The needs of the client always come first in providing ethical, cost-effective legal representation.

Texas Divorce, Custody, and Child Support Attorney

Practice Limited to Texas Family Law

Representing Clients in These Areas

Dispute Resolution

We represent clients during each phase of their case from initial case assessment, information gathering, settlement negotiations, mediation, and final trial.

Property Division

By applying decades of experience with complex property and financing options, we help clients develop valuation models, and create options for dividing property between spouses.

Child Custody

Children have the right to develop and maintain strong relationships with both of their parents, to be financially supported by their parents, and to receive the best health care available to them. We help fathers and mothers develop custody arrangements that serve the best interests of their children.


Not every marriage lasts forever and not every marriage that ends must end in a fiery crash. We develop comprehensive settlement plans to help couples take full advantage of the flexibility the law provides in private dispute resolution. And where private resolution is not workable, we take cases to trial and present them vigorously.


Sometimes court orders have to be modified, such as when there is a material and substantial change in a party's circumstances. We represent parents who face modification proceedings relating to custody, visitation, and financial support.


We help parents collect child support, defend themselves against unfair enforcement proceedings, and enforce visitation and property division orders. These are technical and complex matters that require seasoned trial attorneys.


To protect your rights and your children’s rights, your story must be told better than anyone else’s.

Your story is the story of your life and your family’s life. Your story is the about the past, and it’s about what’s going on now in the present, and it’s about your vision of the future.

Your story explains how we got where we are and how we can get to where we need to be. When told well, at the right time, in the right place—when told with precision and warmth—when wrapped in careful legal reasoning and protected from distortion, your story is powerful and persuasive.

Let me tell your story.


  • Thomas J. Daley

    Family Law Attorney

    Tom is a board-certified Family Law attorney who protects the rights of parents and spouses in divorce, custody, and child support matters throughout the United States.

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Words From Clients

  • I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer to have on my side through an angry divorce. Mr. Daley was highly knowledgeable and helpful in navigating the details. His quiet confidence and calm demeanor were invaluable to me throughout the whole process, but he definitely had bite when he needed to, and prevented my ex from taking advantage of me in multiple instances, while still being fair and ethical. I couldn’t have asked for better representation, or a kinder person to work with through a difficult process.

    Divorce Client
  • Tom represented me in my divorce. It was very bitter but he kept it under control. There were some details in my case that I know made it difficult. But Tom and Christina were discrete and kept it from going crazy. After we settled the case, I decided I didn’t want to abide by the geographic restriction and that caused a huge blow-up. Tom took care of it and now it has all calmed down. I am very happy.

    Divorce & Modification Client
  • Great attorney and person. He was friendly, personable, understanding, knowledgeable, and approachable. He did not fall into all the attorney stereotypes out there and he was completely honest. My case was treated as if it was the most important case of the year by all staff members.

    Divorce Client
  • All the odds were against me it seemed, Mr.Daley took on my case and helped me fight for justice. With Mr.Daley and his helpful staff, the ruling came down in my favor. Thank You

    Custody Modification Client
  • Mr. Daley’s firm provided superior service. Responses were prompt and consultations were thorough. I would highly recommend using Mr. Daley’s firm.

    Custody Modification Client
  • I could not be happier with Mr. Daley’s representation in my case. He totally outclassed and out-smarted [my spouse’s lawyer]. It was awesome to watch and am just glad he was on my side!

    Divorce Client
  • Tom handled my divorce case. I was referred to him by a friend. My husband had filed divorce on me and wanted to take my kids away even though he never helped with them. After I met Tom, I felt much better informed about how things would go and more confident. He tried to get an agreement for temporary orders but my husband’s attorney kept saying that my ex was going to get full custody and make me pay child support. Tom went to the hearing and the judge said we could each side have 20 minutes. Tom told the judge he only needed 11 minutes. He used just over 10 minutes. After that, my husband and his attorney became much easier to work with and we settled our case fairly soon. Divorce is a tough time in a family’s life. Tom is funny, smart, and he is really looking out for what he calls the “long game.” He kept telling me to stop worrying about each and every day and focus on how this was going to work out 1 year, 2 years, 10 years from now. Now that we’re done, I see that he was right. I would surely use him again and I will tell everyone I know that you can’t find a better firm to work with.

    Divorce Client
  • Tom Daley handled my case with professionalism and knowledge of the law that, in the end, leaned the court in my favor. At trial, he showed up completely prepared and focused. He did not barrage the other party with personal attacks or nasty remarks; instead, he kept to the facts and presented my case to the judge with patience. Tom was very easy to work with, was prompt, was understanding, and obviously has a passion for the work. I appreciated that very much. He counseled me on all possible outcomes, positive and negative, but in the end, he supported my decision. I would recommend Tom to my friends, family, and anyone else who is looking for a smart, hard-working attorney with a heart.

    Modification Client
    2013, 2016 (two cases)
  • My ex was mentally and sometimes physically abusing my children but lives two states away. I could not find a single attorney who would take my case. I found Mr. Daley on AVVO, called his office, and they set up an appointment right away. When we met, he told me I had a tough case and that it was likely that my ex would pop the case to her home state as soon as we filed. But even with these warnings, I wanted to proceed. Within 10 days he had filed the paperwork, gotten an emergency order and a hearing set. On the date of the hearing, he convinced the other attorney to try to mediate the case and called a mediator (former judge) from the courthouse and set up mediation for 9:00 a.m. the next day. We settled our case that morning and my kids are now living with me in Texas. He warned me that not all cases can be wrapped up so quickly. But I am happy we were able to protect my children.

    Modification Client
  • Thomas James Daley has been helping me for over a year in so many ways I lost count many many months ago. His insight into family law is invaluable to me and will be to anyone who seeks his help or is blessed enough to receive it by chance.
    I look forward to hearing from Thomas when I have a legal question related to my family law matters and he’s brought me so much peace of mind, the courage to face trying situations and insight that allows me to prepare for the worst, which unfortunately happens a lot with my case. He’s never cold or condescending and I can tell he really cares about helping others, which is hard to find in this profession!
    I thank you Thomas from the bottom of my heart!

    Divorce & Modification Client
  • Tom can get it done. He knows that a divorce is a bad situation for everyone involved and does everything he can to make the process as straightforward, quick, and painless as possible. You may not think that is what you want at that time, but you will appreciate it later.

    Divorce Client

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The first step in letting us tell YOUR story is for you to tell your story to us.

    By Thomas J. Daley - Board Certified Family Law Attorney

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