Divorce Articles

  1. Asset Tracing

    If one spouse owns a retirement account before marriage and continues to contribute to that account from employment earnings during the marriage, then when the marriage ends, the account may have a mixture of separate property and community property. This article explains how to trace account to account for this mixture.

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  2. Property Division

    When a marriage is dissolved in Texas, the judge is required to determine what community property exists and then divide it between the spouses. This article explains how property division works in a Texas divorce.

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  3. How a Texas Divorce Works

    A divorce in Texas begins when one person files for divorce and ends when the judge signs a final decree of divorce. Sometimes the conflict continues after the decree is signed and one party must take enforcement action against the other. This article explains the process.

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  4. Top Five Issues in a Texas Divorce

    A divorce in Texas will cover five areas. Some divorces are simpler because there are no children involved or no property has been accumulated. Some are more complicated because of a combination of issues unique to one particular case. This article explains the most common issues.

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