Child Support Articles

  1. Collecting Child Support

    Being awarded child support and collecting child support can be two different things. This article explains how to collect child support that is not being paid in full after the judge signs an order.

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  2. Modifying Child Support

    Parents can modify child support at any time by agreement. If they cannot agree, the parent who wants to raise or lower child support must convince the judge that there has been a significant change in circumstances that justifies the change and that the change will improve the child’s life.

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  3. Establishing Child Support

    If a child’s parents do not live together, it is usually a good idea to get a formal court order that describes how the parents are going to provide financial support for their child. This article explains how to get an initial child support order.

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  4. Defending Against Enforcment Suits

    If you get behind on your child support payments, the State of Texas or the other parent may sue you to enforce the child support order and ask that you be sent to jail. To defend your freedom and make sure your payments are manageable, you need an experienced child support defense attorney who understands how the process works.

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  5. Computing Guideline Child Support

    In most cases, child support is calculated according to guidelines set up by the state legislature. When the Court orders a parent to pay child support in accordance with these guidelines, it is called “guideline support.” This article provides and overview of how to calculate guideline child support.

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  6. Texas Child Support

    All states have laws that provide for the financial support of children whose parents are divorced or who were never married. Child support laws differ widely and wildly from state to state. Texas child support laws are relatively simple. This article explains the most important ideas relating to child support.

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