Articles explaining how child custody works in Texas including explanations of parenting plans and conservatorship models.

If you have a divorce or custody order from a California court and have moved to Texas, you probably have some questions about how it applies in your new home state.
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Texas encourages parents to share parenting time with their children by agreement. When parents do not agree, they must follow the rules in the possession order. The Family Code provides a Standard Possession Order that many parents follow. It is not the only way to share parenting time, but parents should understand the Standard Possession...
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The law in Texas encourages both parents to have meaningful relationships with their children. To work toward that goal, the Texas legislature has created a concept known as "Joint Managing Conservatorship," abbreviated as "JMC." This article provides an overview of conservatorship.
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Parents can modify the custodial arrangements for their children at any time by agreement. If they cannot agree, the parent who wants to modify the custody arrangement must convince the judge that there has been a significant change in circumstances that justifies the change and that the change will improve the child's life.
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